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Why it works:

We make it ridiculously easy to get started with a quick, 7 day streak.

We focus on who, not what, because research shows that the social dimension of gratitude is crucial.

We ask you to tweet or message the person you're grateful for because everyone needs a little extra positivity right now and this is a way to support and strengthen your relationships.

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Our story:

For years, we saw headline after headline about positive psychology and gratitude journaling.

We would try it out for a few days and then life would get in the way. Until recently. We had a little extra time on our hands and decided to dig into the research.

We were surprised that all the articles left out one big thing: gratitude is rooted in social connection. It’s not a solo-activity. The research proves over and over that much of the benefits come from acknowledging that good things come from outside of you, particularly from others.

So we tried something new. We started gratitude journaling, with a twist: after each journaling session we would tweet or text someone we were grateful for.

The response has been amazing so far. People loved the little compliments and comments. Almost everyone replied with some variation of "wow that just made my day."

We built Gratitude Hack for ourselves. As a little gratitude booster. We hope you enjoy it!

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